WellMaxx System
WellMaxx System | HydroCare
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Note: Limescale buildup from hard water minerals need a specific filter-LSX

WellMaxx System | HydroCare

Large Capacity Whole House Purification System for Well Water

  • Removes Up to 3ppm Iron
  • Removes Up to 3ppm Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Removes Up to 5ppm Manganese
  • 25-1 micron filter for sediment removal
  • Reduces odors and improves taste
  • Prevents rust strains
  • No Backwashing

This system is designed to provide superior results in remediating the specified well water conditions. Other conditions beyond this scope, may not necessarily be remedied

Well water

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Get rid of the odors, stains and rust in your water

Well Water System


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Do You Know the Most Common Well Water Contaminants?


How does it work?

Stage 1

Incorporates a 25 to 1 micron pre-filter removes sediment, insoluble iron and microorganisms such as cysts. It extends life of other filters.

Stage 2

20" Iron filter will effectively remove up to 3ppm of soluble iron (clear water iron) and .5ppm manganese. High effective flow rate.

Stage 3

Removes, hydrogen sulfide (sulfur smell) up to 3 ppm, chemicals, THMs, VOCs, and bad odor while improving taste.


The Wellmaxx system is a compact, whole house system that provides well water purification in a series of three stages to remove iron, odors, sediment and other dangerous or corrosive minerals and chemicals that cause some of the most common issues in a home with well water, including foul odors and tastes, corrosion or staining.

This innovative well water filtration system is a large capacity system designed for the whole house. Highlights include:

  • Remove Iron, Odors, Sediment & more
  • Remove Elevated Levels of Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Remove Chemicals and Pesticides
  • Prevent Rust Stains
  • Easy to Maintain: No Backwashing Required

Operational Parameters

Maximum Iron Lavel 3ppm
Maximum Hydrogen Sulfide 3ppm
Maximum Manganese .5ppm
Minimum Pressure 30psi
Maximum Pressure Recommended not exceed 75 psi
pH Level >7.0
Plumbing inlet/outlet 1"

Filter Life and Maintenance based on Iron level

Iron Level Total Gallons 250gpd (4 persons)
3ppm 26,000 104 days
2ppm 40,000 160 days
1ppm 80,000 320 days
.5ppm 160,000 640 days