You Need Iron...Just Not in Your Water

Iron is important for proper blood flow and energy. We get the iron we need each day from things like green, leafy vegetables. At first thought, it may seem fine to also have iron in your water, but this isn't the case. For the most part, the iron that is often found in well water is not in a form easily processed by the human body. It can also contain bacteria that is harmful to your health. It is also the reason that your sink, toilet and clothes may be stained red. Let's take a look at how iron gets into your water system and why you need an iron filter for well water. How Iron Gets in Well Water Iron is one of the most abundant elements in the Earth. In many areas of the country, certain stones are mined regularly in order to extract the iron from them. As rain and snow falls, it soaks into the ground and causes the soil to loosen. This soil often finds its way into wells, ponds, creeks and other bodies of water. Types of Iron in Water Iron comes in different forms and it is important to know what kind you are dealing with before you buy an iron filter for well water. *Ferrous iron - This is often referred to as "clear water iron" because it comes out of your faucet clear. After sitting for a time, however, it turns red or brown. *Ferric iron - This is referred to in lay terms as "red water iron". It comes out of the faucet with a yellow or red coloring and is often the type of iron that people first see as a conce rn. *Organic iron - This is formed from naturally occurring acids in the environment. This iron can be yellow, brown or even colorless. *Bacteria iron water - This can refer to any iron in your water supply that contains bacteria that need iron in order to survive. Results of Iron in Well Water Unless there is iron bacteria in your well water, there isn't a health problem. However, water that contains iron can taste nasty, causes porcelain sinks and toilets to turn a rusty color and can cause your laundry to take on a red coloring when you wash clothes. Iron can change the coloring on some foods and it can clog pipes that supply water to your home or things like dishwashers that need water to run. What You Can Do About Iron in Your Well Technically, you could search for another water source, but that isn't a practical solution. The best way to eliminate iron in your water supply is to invest in an iron filter for well water. These filters come in many styles and many prices. It is important to know what exactly you are looking for in regards to a filter. Do you want it for only one source or for your whole home? Filter systems like the Iron 300x, sold by Wave Home Solutions, is an example of a whole home system that is effective and fairly inexpensive. In addition to it being an excellent choice, Wave Home Solutions has always been family-owned and run so they understand the needs of the American family. Contact them today and take a look at what solutions they can offer you to get your water running clear and iron-free.