3 Benefits of Installing a Whole-House Water Filter in Your Home

If you’re ready to eliminate the full range of additives and pollutants from your household tap water, consider a whole house water filter system. Clean filtered water not only provides you with great-tasting drinking water and an improved aesthetic experience, it also safeguards your family’s health and lengthens the lifetime of your plumbing fixtures. The EPA notes that standard municipal chlorine-based disinfectants can create toxic byproducts, and absorption through the skin is a significant risk with many types of water contaminants. Here are three important benefits of installing a system to filter all the water in your house.
  1. Maintenance Is Minimized

Whole-house water filtration systems rarely need attention. At most, you will need to change filters a couple times a year, and no tools or professional assistance is needed in this simple operation. There are two ways to purify water, and WAVE offers both:
  • Canister: In this type of system, the water goes through filters and then through the house. You will need to change the filters every six to 12 months.
  • Backwashing: There is a filter used in this type of system. With the backwashing process, water drains to the outside, which automatically cleans the filter every few days.
  1. Bad Smells and Stains Disappear

It’s difficult to feel clean after a shower that smells like rotten eggs or a swimming pool. A WAVE water purifier will remove those smells entirely, while also eliminating the iron that causes ugly brown rust stains. Depending on your particular water supply, WAVE can provide a specific filter that exactly targets your contamination problems, whether they are iron, chlorine, or other elements. A quality home water filtration system eliminates pollutants, contaminants, odors, and particulates.  
  1. Your Drinking Water Tastes Better

Clean water simply tastes better. If you currently have a filter on your kitchen faucet, or if you purchase bottled water for drinking, you’re aware of the good taste of clean water. Parents of young children, however, know all too well that kids drink from every faucet in the house. It’s safer and more satisfying for your family to have clean, delicious water available from every tap. A single water filter can’t provide you with that consistent peace of mind.   Contact us today and learn how our affordable, revolutionary system can deliver pure water from every faucet in your home.