Eliminate Scale Buildup from hard water minerals.
Save Energy, Save Appliance Life, Save Water, Save Money

Clogged pipes reduce flow and pressure.Clogged pipes reduce flow and pressure.

Limescale encrusts heating elements in appliances robbing them of energy efficiencies.

Scale on thermostats causes false lower temperature reading – signaling for unnecessary heat.

Tankless water heaters quickly clog up, reducing efficiency. Need frequent chemical flushes.

Costly corrosion, replacement of parts, valves, and controls.

Manufacturers do not cover limescale damage.

Breakdown in coffee houses, laundromats, car washes, restaurants.

Stains and clogging of faucets, shower heads, toilets, tubs.

*Municipalities are banning water softening conditioners because of the negative environmental impact cost of salts, chemicals, and backwashing.

Treat your hard water problems with Smart Technology.

Limescale Filtration

Note: LSX System works in well water when the iron and manganese are reduced- see Wellmaxx System

Limescale Filtration

Limescale Filtration

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  • Green Technology - No Salt, No Chemicals
  • Increase Energy Efficiency of Heating Elements in Hot Water Appliances
  • Save $$$ on Appliance Repair & Replacement
  • No Tanks, No Backwash
  • LSX Filter life 3-5 years
  • No additional prefilter required in system systems with a prefilter

How does it work?

Complete Scale Prevention & Elimination prevention & removal

Through the scientific process of Nucleation Assisted Crystallization (NAC), the catalytic media accelerates the transformation of the calcium and magnesium minerals out of the water solution into harmless, Nano-sized crystal particles. As the crystals flow through the piping systems and equipment, the Nano structure of the crystals dissolves additional minerals removing any preexisting scale deposits.

Corrosion prevention

After the old scale deposits are removed, a smooth 3 to 5 micron thick corrosion prevention layer is formed on existing pipes and equipment.

How is this different from a water softener?

Softeners remove the hard minerals, calcium and magnesium through an ion exchange and substitutes them with salt or potassium.

Salt free conditioners such as the LSX FILT do not remove the minerals. It alters them physically and turns them into micro crystals that are suspended them, making them unable to become limescale and will then flow out. They also are able to remove preexisting scale.

What can I expect?

The LSX FILT will prevent limescale buildup and pull off preexisting scale. Remove and clean your aerators and showerheads from the scale that is coming off. After the preexisting scale is removed you will not have experience the issues.

How does it improve efficiency of water heated equipment and plumbing?

Scale acts as an insulator that reduces the ability of the heating elements to work at their maximum, requiring more energy for the water to reach the ideal temperature. Scale also causes corrosion.

With LSX you have energy savings, less repairs of equipment, longer life expectancy of water appliances and fixtures. Avoid the warranty issue with manufacturer warranties that limit their exposure due to limescale damage.

Ideal for tankless and regular water heaters. Save on servicing and descaling of tankless and standard water heaters.

What happens to the minerals in the water?

The water does not change the composition. You retain the healthy minerals of calcium and magnesium minerals, unlike softeners where the water is laden with salt. It will not change the feel of the water. Some people are averse to the slick feel of soft water.

Is this applicable for city water?

The LSX FILT deals with limescale. It is not a solution for the issues with chlorine and pollutants in the city water supply. Check out HydroCare systems. The Citymaxx system includes the LSX FILT.

Is this applicable for well water?

In the presence of iron and manganese the media will not be effective on its own. You will need to have a system that removes iron and manganese. The HydroCare Wellamaxx system is designed to remove them and sulfides to provide fresh clean well water

What is the life expectancy?

The LSX FILT should be changed approximately every 3 years.

What is the maintenance and the advantage of the LSX FILT System?

Limescale elimination with easy change of filters. No tanks, no backwashing, no drainage, no salt bags to lug around, and no waste of water. Environmentally friendly. Many municipalities are banning the softeners that dump the salt laden water that requires treatment and wastes water.

Why do I need the prefilter?

The prefilter protects LSX media deterioration from chlorine and removes sediment that reduces the efficiency. It is recommended to change this, every 6-9 months.

Operational Parameters

Recommended operating temp.(°F) 41 to 176
pH range 6.5 to 9.5
Hardness, max. mg/L (ppm) 428 (25 grains)
Salinity, max. mg/L (ppm) 35000
Iron, max. mg/L (ppm) 0.5
Manganese, max. mg/L (ppm) 0.05
Free chlorine, max. mg/L (ppm) 3
Copper, max. mg/L (ppm) 1.3
Limescale Filter Life 3-5 years