WAVE Apartment / Slab Ventilation for Moisture Control

water dropletWAVE Apartment / Slab Ventilation for Moisture Control

 WAVE Moisture Control Apartment / Slab Unit

WAVE Moisture Control Apartment / Slab Unit

Air quality problems

WAVE Reduces Moisture & Improves Air Quality

  • BIOLOGICAL GROWTH Moisture fosters proliferation of mold, dust mites, bug infestation
  • AIR POLLUTANTS Radon, Combustion Gases, Carbon Monoxide, VOCs
  • STRUCTURAL DAMAGE Moisture can lead to wood rot and damage pipes and windows
  • HEALTH ISSUES Moist, polluted air can lead to respiratory ailments, asthma, and other health conditions

How It Works

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The WAVE Advantage

For apartments and slab homes, controlling and reducing moisture is usually a task left to bathroom and kitchen fans, or ineffective moisture absorbing products. These methods are neither efficient nor reliable ways deal with moisture and poor indoor air quality.

EPA Recommendations

Graphic comparing WAVE unit to dehumidifier

Graphic showing the cost of running a dehumidifier

WAVE Home SolutionsNo More Musty Basement Odors WAVE Home SolutionsExpel Gases, Chemicals, Pollutants WAVE Home Solutions$800 Yearly Savings Over Basement Dehumidifiers WAVE Home SolutionsEnergy Efficient & Eco Friendly WAVE Home SolutionsNo More Buckets of Water to Empty

Test Results

Department of Energy Testing

Extensive testing conducted by the Department of Energy monitored 12 identical homes to compare crawl spaces with foundation wall vents to closed crawl spaces without foundation vents that utilized mechanical ventilation.

Here are the general findings:

  • Foundation vents add excess moisture during hot humid weather, promoting conditions conducive to mold growth.
  • Vapor barriers by themselves do not keep the crawl space dry enough.
  • Closed crawl spaces with mechanical ventilation stay dry all year round.

Department of Energy Study compared crawl spaces in homes with foundation vents versus mechanical ventilation


Dimensions:Height 23” x 9.5”wide x 5.5”deep

Airflow: 30cfm(low) – 125cfm(high)

Watts: 31

Capacity: 2000 sq. ft.

Description Ideal for slab, condo apartments, trailer homes, sunrooms. Computerized sensors constantly evaluate living conditions and adjust ventilation accordingly.


Download the PDFClick here for installation information


Download the PDFClick here to see the WAVE Water Products Performance Guarantee

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