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Just wanted you to know that air purifier works wonderful, I can breathe again...

Joe Mac


I want to let you know how my Wave basement ventilation is working.   As you and I have discussed, I installed the unit myself. I had no problem with the installation as the directions were fairly straight forward; however, the instructions appear to be a poor translation from another language and the pictures included are not all that clear, but I figured it all out with no problems. So, all is well that ends well. As far the unit's operation goes, after about a month, we believe it is performing wonderfully. Our finished basement smells so much better. That musty humid smell is gone, drawn out by the unit's quiet operation.  The electronics are great; they portray exactly what is going on, giving clear indication as to humidity trends and fan speeds. Also the override function is a great feature in case there is a need for enhanced ventilation, such as when my son exercises in the basement. Overall, this is a great product and I am pleased with the purchase.

Vic Blanchet

I just wanted to drop you an e-mail to tell you how pleased we are with the Wave system. It amazes me still how quickly our cellar smelled better, no more musky odors, etc. within a couple days of the unit running.   Amazing system and I was very skeptical about purchasing the system. I am very glad I did.   Thanks again for a great product. The installer I had out of the Ludlow Vermont area was also fantastic and very neat and thorough with the job he did.

Tom Redin

I just wanted to let you know that Dave installed the system on Friday and it's working like a charm.  Love it!  And Dave did a terrific job and is a very nice man.  Would (and will) recommend this system and Dave to my friends and co-workers. Thank you!

Sharon Merritt

I have COPD and restrictive airway disease. I have a very difficult time breathing just going upstairs and back down to sit. Since I put this WAVE unit in, in only 3 weeks, it makes an incredible difference in my breathing and the air quality. It has amazed me. My son has asthma and lives in our finished basement. He has stopped coughing already. I highly recommend this unit to anyone with lung disease or breathing problems. Pulmonary doctors, please take time to research this unit for your patients. Thank you all so much at WAVE Home Solutions.

Paul L. Parent

I read many testimonials about how effective The Wave Ventilation system is but I learnt first hand how true it is after Irene came and shut down all power for almost three days! With all that rain I had no water problem in the basement but it smelled so dank, musty and with a heavy damp odor! after having unit for just over two weeks the basement odor and humidity went down so much that even the pest control guy noticed saying "for the first time it smells clean and dry and has no bugs any where as they don't like dry places"!! So today as soon as the power came back the unit ran none stop for three hours and now it is running on slow mode and the heavy musty smell is now reduced quite a bit. It should return to the level it was before the hurricane. So I thought you would want to know. My two neighbors had water due to this storm and I mentioned to them Wave Ventilation and gave your name. Also my wife's niece in Princeton is also interested. In the mean time I hope you survived the hurricane in Long Island. 

Mohan Pradhan

After installing the Wave system in the lower level of our office building we experienced fresher air almost immediately.  I was so impressed with the results, I bought another one for my Rabbi who said it removed the damp odor in his basement and transformed it into a pleasant place to be.

Jonathan Vogel

Thank you for your quickness in responding to my e-mail request for a technical support number should be ever need one for our HUMIDEX ventilator.   As you know, our unit is 10 years old and has -- and continues to -- function flawlessly since we installed it shortly after  we built our new home in 2003.  We have a large 15'x24' finished room (with its own bathroom and walk-in closet) in our basement.  While it's currently used as a full-office/meeting room (with future optional use as fourth bedroom, a family room, or a mother-in-law suite).   When we first moved into the house, this room became humid in late summer.  Installing and using the HUMIDEX during the high humidity summer months) quickly helped fix this problem, while also drawing the cooled air-conditioned air down from the ceiling vents through the entire room.  Moreover, in the winter, we found that leaving the HUMIDEX on "low" during particularly cold spells served to help pull the warm heated air down from the overhead furnace vents and through the entire room (so that the temperature in the basement is always within 2 degrees of the rest of the house).   It's quiet, easy to pre-set, efficient, and -- with a 1'x1' "footprint" -- takes up very little room.  All in all, regardless of the humidity or temperature, the HUMIDEX ensures that this large well-used room is always as comfortable as any room in the house.    And, while it's still running perfectly after 10 years, I wanted to be sure we could replace it if it ever wears out....

John Cicco

My wife would always avoid using our dryer for clothes drying when possible.  She felt it ruined the clothes.  She hangs the clothes in the basement when possible.  since we have your system we haven't used our dryer,  the clothes are dry in less than 8 hours  That is what I call a savings.  A 40 watt bulb  compared to 40 amp dryer.

Jerry Minogue

I just wanted to let you know this is the best thing I ever bought ever for my house. The Wave thing - I don't have any cave crickets, I keep waiting and hope just because I emailed you they won't appear, but so far , nothing. At first the first few days there was about 25 walking up the cellar wall, I killed a few and then for some reason  they are all gone, I don't know where they went and I don't care, first time in years no cave crickets!!!!! My house smells better and I am so happy. Glad I made the decision to do this.

Helena Antonaccio

Just wanted you to know our WAVE has been installed for 2 weeks, and it has made an excellent difference in air quality in the house. The installer had no trouble putting it in, including cutting a circular hole in the wall of the house. It is quiet and unobtrusive, so you'd never know it was there, except for the air cleaning it does. Thanks for your recommendation. I hope you gave some credit to Joan and Neil Nicolay who referred us to your company.

Gwen Lancaster

Just wanted to let you know the installation was completed by 12:45PM today, the 8th of September and everything went well.  It was determined that the best place to locate the unit was along the south wall.  A dandy fine job Mr Hill and his assistant accomplished!!!  Both were very professional, efficient and THOUGHTFUL in paying careful attention to peripheral concerns that I did not expect they would do, e.g, leveling the storage shelves after they had to be moved AND reconnecting the speaker wires that had to be disconnected to access the area for the installation!  When he presented me with the bill, before I looked at it, I asked if I were going to pass out and he  said "no", and when I looked at it, he was right--I didn't pass out!  It was the amount he had suggested when I first spoke with him to set up an appointment.  I'm so very grateful to you for your help and greatly appreciative for a job WELL done by Mr David Hill and his assistant (whose name, I regrettably, cannot remember).   Just wanted to share this bit of good news with you as well as to thank you again!  And, oh, by the way, the quality of air seems to be improving already so it appears you may have a happy, satisfied customer here--very pleased with the WAVE unit and the Sanuvox, which Mr. Hill helped me identify the filters and insert them in proper order into the Sanuvox unit.


The system was installed on 8/5. As you may remember, my initial question to you was "would it reduce radon levels" ? I ran a continuous electronic radon monitor for 3 days prior to the installation and the level was 5.0 pCi/l. The recommended mitigation level is 4.0. I waited a few days and just completed another test and am pleased to inform you that the reading was reduced by more that half.. The reading from my weekend test was 2.0 pCi/L..   Pass that info on to your staff that a licensed home inspector conducted a test in his own house with excellent results.   

Gene Autore

As a widow for 2 years, it was difficult for me to make the decision about getting the Wave Ventilation System. I had heard about it on radio. I had a dampness problem in my basement and during the summer I was emptying out my dehumidifier every day. My basement always had a musty smell. My electric bills were so high because of the energy required to run the dehumidifier. I was hesitant to buy the Wave because I thought it would be a long involved process to order and install it. It was super easy to order it and installation took 2 hours. It took only one week from time of order, delivery and installation! I have no odor at all in my basement and my electric bills are much lower. Best of all I could go away and not worry about emptying the dehumidifier!!! The team at Wave was professional and I would recommend this product to anyone, without hesitation!

Evelyn DiMaio  

I must admit that after hearing advertisments on the radio I was very skeptical about what the Wave System could accomplish and after talking with you and taking your advice we did in fact contact the Better Business Bureau and they gave your Company the highest rating and no complaints. We read all stories from the people who purchased the units but I was still skeptical. Well the wife ordered it and it was installed last Friday,September 10th. Well Saturday morning I went down stairs to see if it was still running. I called the wife to come down and it was unbelievable. The smell of the humidity and dampness was almost totally gone. We had used a dehumidifier for quite awhile to no avail. The home is (9) years old an it had a problem since we moved in. Well needless to say we were back down there Sunday cleaning up the cellar because now due to the Wave System we could smell some of the things that were causing problems from the dampness. The Wave is easy to use even for an Old Guy like me who is 71 years young today. I can't thank you enough. You took the time to explain everything and even checked back with us which we thought was great. Oh one more thing. I had an electician come over to put in a plug next to it and he read the specs and said this is not going to use hardly any electricity, and that made us feel good because it is exactly what you had told us. From Ernie & Donna Wright we thank you Ralph.

Ernie & Donna Wright

Just wanted you to know the slab unit is working great for us. So far there has been no condensation build up on the walls or window. The only draw back is the water in the snakes bowls is evaporating faster than usual. But it's really not a problem. Thanks again for all your help..

Doug Donnelly

They system seems to be running great as we can already tell a difference when you walk down stairs. The speed has changed a few times and it still as solid drops but you can definitely smell the difference (the smell is clean no icky smell).   I will be mailing the warranty card back out tomorrow, thanks again for all your help. I wish we would have had this years ago.




I am generally a skeptic. My husband insisted that we put in a HydroCare water system. We live on Long Island and we put in a filter under the sink as soon as we moved in, because the water tasted horrible. I thought that our filters under the sink were enough. He was concerned about the chlorine and other problems he read up on. The plumber put in the system and I was waiting to see if it was all that it was hyped out to be. My husband gave me 3 glasses of water to taste. The first one was putrid to say the least, which was our water without any filtration. The next two glasses were hard to detect any real difference. The one I did prefer was from the new HydroCare system. The other was from a Poland Spring bottle. I was amazed. The water from the system was as clean and fresh tasting as any bottled water. We had our kids’ families over and they did the same test. They use bottled water and were skeptical but were really amazed at how good the water tasted. I still find it strange that I can get a good tasting glass of water from anywhere in the house.


Thank you for making the dual action water system so easy to install. I had my friend who is a plumber install it in less than half an hour. I love having filtered water come out of all the faucets in my home. I used to go all the way downstairs to the fridge to get a drink of water at night, not anymore. No more chlorine showers! I really feel I did a great thing for my family when I purchased your system. I will be telling all my friends.

Beth Stewart

I've dealt with a lot of companies and I have to say I just can't get used to the amazing quality of the customer service at Hydrocare. When I bought the system and received it I was excited to install it. I opened it up and found that the product, even though packed ok, had shifted in the box. So I called just to let them know what happened. The rep I talked to was so interested in what happened, they asked me to take pictures and send them over. I just called again recently and found out that they completely changed how they pack the system now due to customer’s feedback and how shipping companies treat packages, that's a company that cares and listens. Now I read the other persons review on the system leaking. Here's the thing. This system is not junk it's a precision machine. The ends of the elbows have rubber O rings and the quick release ends have O rings. The ends swivel. So when you tighten it up you HAVE to swivel the end so both ends are in a line. If you don't follow the directions and you don't follow this step the system will leak! It has nothing to do with the product or anything else it's just the mechanics of the system. I used Vaseline on my O rings and now hydrocare supplies it when you get new filters. I installed my whole system with pex, valve before the system and after. I also installed a drain down so I can isolate the filters and empty them before popping them off. The sharkbite type connections on the filters work flawlessly and changing filters is a snap. This system completely removed the yuk out of what our township considers drinking water. Also we received a letter saying there was lead in our water. Had my water tested from the system and 0 lead in my water, can't say the same for my neighbors. This system will give you clean fresh awesome drinking water but also give you clean water to wash clothes in shower in everything. I can't recommend it enough and knowing hydrocare is just a call away for filters or parts gives you that reassurance that other companies just don't have.


After putting up with iron stains on our bath fixtures, dishwasher, and clothes washer which everyone said was impossible to cure I began trying to catch the phone number given off the radio for Hydrocare. After installed our whole water life has changed like magic. We could hardly believe our clear pure well water. The filters are easy to change too.

Carolyn Scarbrough


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