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Our indoor environment has a direct impact on the health of our families and the value of our homes. Normal everyday activities, along with construction design, and natural conditions affect the air we breathe, the water we drink and the efficiencies of our homes. Considering we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors, it is extremely important to ensure that the indoor environment of the home is as clean, efficient and healthy as it can be.

We have taken our experience working with numerous home building and service industries and incorporated it to provide you with a comprehensive approach.

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    Our initial focus is to evaluate your current environment and the ongoing issues you’re experiencing and causing you concern.

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    We will then recommend any necessary remediation and provide you with our proprietary solutions as well as other products that may be needed.

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    Our goal is to provide you with a healthy indoor environment that will be easy to implement and maintain.

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Moisture Control & Air Quality Services

WAVE Home Services will assess the air quality and moisture levels in your home with a specific focus on the basement/crawl space, as it contains some of the most moisture laden, problematic air in the home.

  • Look for water intrusion that can lead to moisture buildup and mold growth
  • Measure gas, pollutant, particle and humidity levels
  • Recommend remedial measures and product solutions that will transform the indoor air quality of your home into a drier, healthier one and maintain it in pristine condition.

Ventilation to expel odors, dampness, gases and pollutants. Smart sensors and technology for automatic, year‑round operation. Models for basement, crawl spaces and slab homes.


6 Stage hospital grade purification with UVV & UVC light. Destroys viruses, bacteria, gases and other pollutants.


Take readings of humidity, gas and pollutant levels in different areas of the home.


Water Quality Services

WAVE will customize a solution suited to your unique needs ensuring that the water coming out of every faucet is cleaner, healthier and better tasting.

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City Water Solutions

Municipal Water Source WAVE Home Services will review your latest local water reports to identify areas of concern. it is imperative to ensure that it is free of harmful chemicals and pollutants such as chloramine, chlorine, lead, arsenic and more.


Well Water Solutions

Well Water Source WAVE will test your water for a host of pollutants including iron, metals, VOCs, THMs, and more.


Hard Water Solutions

Hard Water WAVE will also address the hardness level of your water which can cause costly limescale build up.

Revolutionary Whole House Systems to address the water flowing from every faucet, giving you cleaner, healthier water when drinking, bathing and cooking.

A little bit About Us

Since inception, WAVE has focused on providing solutions to homeowners that are technologically advanced and superior performing than any other in the marketplace. Years of research and development have gone into obtaining cutting-edge, cost-efficient and eco-friendly solutions to improve the indoor air and water quality of your home.

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