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Finally, an effective whole house solution to treat silica

Silica residue on glasses

What is Silica?

Silica is the second most plentiful element on the planet behind oxygen. It combines with almost any ion present in the water to form silicates.

Since water with high levels of silica leaves white deposits on fixtures, it is often confused with hard water. However, silica is significantly more challenging to remove than hard water deposits and also much more difficult to treat with a whole house water system. While hard water can be treated with a water softener or water conditioner, those systems will not treat silica.

WAVE Home Solutions now has a HydroCare Whole House Water System that can treat the silica in the water as it enters the home.

How It Works

Hydrocare System

Our HydroCare LSX Systems are a mixture of 2 technologies:

Number one

First technology can treat positively charged ions, such as hard water minerals

Number 2

Second technology can treat negatively charged ions, such as silica

  • No Backwashing
  • No Salt or Chemicals
  • Media Inside Tank is Changed Approximately Every 3 Years


All the silica is treated. This protects your pipes and water appliances from silica build up. Residue left behind will no longer be difficult to remove. You won’t require a chisel or strong acid to remove the residue. Residue can now be wiped clean with a damp cloth. It’s that easy!

There is no system like it!


1 year performance guarantee[salesforce form="13"]

Customer Testimonial

When you have time I would like to discuss the opportunity of selling this filter technology, now that I have seen it in action.

I polished the shower escutcheon in the master bath after I installed the filter. It is still bright and shiny after several months. We still need to use mild cleaners but at least it is like having a normal situation again.

I have begun discussions with my home owners association president...he is fed up with the relentless silica build up as well. Please call my cell to discuss.

- Rick B.

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