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Water softener

Why deal with a “dumb” Water Softener?

  • Why lug bags of salt?
  • Why ruin your septic system?
  • Why waste money and energy backwashing?

3 Year Warranty & 1 Year Performance Guarantee on Smart DescalerIntroducing the Smart Descaler from WAVE Home Solutions

The Affordable, Salt-free Way To Treat Hard Water

  • Easy to Install - No plumbing required
  • Continuous Computerized Monitoring
  • Operates 24/7
  • No Maintenance
  • One unit for the entire house

See How the Smart Descaler Protects Against Hardwater

The Smart Descaler Compared to Other Hard Water Conditioners

Hidden Costs

Eliminate the Hidden Costs of Hard Water

  • Hard water minerals form limescale which clogs pipes and encrusts heating elements
  • Batelle Study on Hard Water Problems shows 24% loss of energy efficiency, 75% loss of flow rate
  • Limescale can cause corrosion and damage not covered by appliance warranties
            Smart Descaler Prevents & Eliminates limescale buildup

How It Works

How It Works

  • The Smart Descaler incorporates a built in computer which transmits a continuous dynamic electro-chemical wave signal with unparalleled capacity.
  • This signal creates an ionic attraction of the hard water minerals which suspends them so that they won’t adhere to plumbing surfaces and washes out with the water flow.
  • The signal also creates a chemical reaction which removes existing limescale restoring plumbing and appliances to pristine condition.
Treat your hard water problems with Smart Technology. Prevent and eliminate limescale buildup and save hundreds in energy costs and appliance repair and replacement with the maintenance free Smart Descaler. Request More Info


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