Apartment Moisture Solutions


Also available without hardwire connection

Units installed in HUD projects, Military Housing, Public Housing, Managed Properties


Ventilation Unit For Moisture Control and Improved Air Quality

  • Features 3 Modes of Operation
  • Expels moisture, gases, pollutants
  • Tamper Proof Controls
  • No Maintenance
  • Energy Saving
  • Quiet & Efficient

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For apartments and multi-family dwellings, controlling moisture is usually a task left to bathroom and kitchen fans, the discretion of tenants, or ineffective moisture absorbing products. These methods are neither efficient nor reliable ways for landlords to deal with complaints.

Featuring 3 Modes of Operation – Normal, Air Conditioning, or Unoccupied, the ventilation unit utilizes a computerized control to detect whether the premises are occupied and whether the air conditioning is operating. The unit will constantly expel moisture, gases and other indoor pollutants and automatically adjust to changes in occupancy and the quality of the air environment for optimal energy efficiency and performance.

These are stand alone, easily installed units that will improve HVAC efficiencies as it costs less to heat or cool a dry environment as opposed to a damp one.


The AVIR Apartment/Slab Unit with Hard Connect is a proactive approach to moisture control and air quality improvement in an apartment. Ventilation unit expels any indoor air pollution and excess moisture to provide healthy living conditions and prevent moisture related damage. These simple ventilation units are:

  • Tamper Proof and Sensor Controlled
  • Free from Maintenance, Buckets, and Filters
  • Easy to Install
  • Energy Efficient
  • Intelligent

Maintain required air exchanges as set by codes and health authorities and protect apartments from moisture problems like wood rot, mold, odors, and infestation, while promoting a healthier indoor air quality with this innovative solution from HQ Hometek.



Capacity: UP TO 2000 SQ. FT.
Airflow: 30-125 CFM
Dimensions: 23″H X 9.5″W X 5.5″D
Energy: 34 WATTS

Also available without hardwire connection


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“We researched several products looking for solutions to elevated interior moisture and we decided to take a chance on Hometek’s HCV-APTHC-AVIR apartment/slab unit. We definitely put Hometek HCV-APTHC-AVIR to the test. We have installed 280 units in a multi-building apartment complex and Humidex did its job. We were able to greatly reduce the moisture level in conditioned spaces and the product was also easy to install and well designed for retrofit applications. Our experience with this system was so successful that we will not hesitate to use it in all future projects with similar challenges.”
– Dave T., Cal General Contractors

“The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles has been exploring solutions to the moisture related problems in our public housing units. The overall conditions in the units were of concern to our residents, primarily the visible mold activity, musty odors, mildew and stale air. The Humidex has dramatically improved the environment in the units, lowering the humidity levels, reducing the mold activity, improving the air quality and the physical condition of the apartments.”
– Andres M., Housing Management

“We are a large property with 950 rental units. In some units, we experienced humidity levels that exceeded 50%, which increases the potential for mold. We needed a solution for this issue and have found that Humidex has served us well in our overall response plan. Our staff is able to do all the installations, which is relatively simple. I think others who have a need for a system to address high moisture levels inside structures would be pleased with these units.”
– Don J., Carlton Arms North Lakeland