Your Winter Checklist for Efficient Home Heating

Keeping your home warm in winter can be expensive, but making your home heating system more efficient can help you save money on heating bills. Just follow these tips.efficient home heating  

Seal Leaks and Drafty Spaces

Gaps around your windows can allow heat to leak out of your home, making it feel chilly inside even when the heating is on. Simply seal up these gaps with caulk or liquid spray foam to stop warm air leaking out. This is a quick and easy step to take to improve your home heating efficiency.  

Insulate, Insulate, Insulate!

Once you have sealed up the gaps in your home to prevent drafts, it's time to pile on insulation. Insulation reduces the amount of energy needed to heat your home in the winter, helping you slash your fuel bills while keeping you and your family comfortably warm. You can easily add insulation to most attics. In addition, you can also insulate underfloors lying over unconditioned spaces, such as crawl spaces. By filling up these spaces with proper insulation, you can prevent heat from leaking out of the top or bottom of your home. Windows provide another route for heat to leak out of your home. Consider installing insulated window shades and using them diligently to stay warm in winter.  

Reduce Moisture in the Basement or Crawl Space

Underground spaces are often damp and chilly, which can reduce your home's ability to keep heat inside during the winter. By reducing moisture in your home's basement or crawl space, you could help your home heating system to run more efficiently.  

Dry Environments are Cheaper to Heat

A whole-house ventilation system can reduce moisture, even in damp spaces such as basements. It is much more efficient to heat a dry environment than it is to heat a damp one. Therefore, investing in a whole-house ventilation system could help lower the cost of keeping your home dry and warm over winter.   For more information about how a whole-house ventilation system and home insulation could reduce your energy bills, contact WAVE Home Solutions today to request a consultation.