Your 8-Step Checklist to a More Refreshed Home

Creating a more refreshed home includes more than cleaning, although cleaning is part of the process. Likewise, it’s about more than lighting candles to mask certain smells. Follow this eight-step checklist to breathe new life into your home.  
  1. Clean regularlyrefreshed home air purifier

Regular cleaning helps prevent the buildup of dust, mold and other potential air pollutants. To avoid injecting the environment with potentially toxic substances, however, clean with products such as water and vinegar when possible.  
  1. Purchase a high-quality home air purifier

You spend much of your time inside your home and may be unaware of some dangers. Cleansers and gases as well as mold, pollen, and dust mites create air that is unsafe for some people to breathe. The result: respiratory issues and asthmatic triggers. However, when you purchase a high-quality home air purifier, you remove as much as 99 percent of indoor air pollutants.
  1. Keep air circulating in your home constantly

Open windows, doors and vents and keep fans running. Constant air circulation removes impurities and staves off mold. Fresh air also makes your home more comfortable.

  1. Maintain your pet's cleanliness

Pet dander is an issue for some people with allergies, which is why you should wash your hands after stroking your pet. Also try to keep your animal out of the bedroom. Bathe your pet weekly and have someone who does not have allergies brush the pet outside and clean litter boxes.  
  1. Replace home air filters when necessary

Change your home air filters once a month to once every three months. Quality home air filters help drastically decrease the particles that can aggravate your lungs. Opt for an air filtration system if possible and check manufacturer recommendations for how often you need to change filters.  
  1. Reduce home moisture with a ventilation system

Mold and dust mites, among other irritants, thrive in moist environments. A WAVE moisture control unit stops these problems in their tracks.  
  1. Keep fabrics clean (couch cushions, tablecloths, pillows, sheets, etc.)

Dust mites love mattresses and bedding; if you use fabrics that are bedbug proof, you’re typically protected against mites as well. When you launder your linens once a week, keep water temperatures at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Shopping for pillows? Choose those made of foam rubber.  
  1. Take your shoes off when you enter your home

Shoes track in a lot of stuff, much of it bad. Think pesticides, for one. Take shoes off before entering and keep your home refreshed. For more information on how to have a more refreshed home, contact WAVE Home Solutions.   Download the Buyer's Guide to Air Purifiers!