WAVE Home Solutions Reviews

At WAVE Home, we provide solutions for homeowners looking to improve their home's air quality and energy efficiency. Our WAVE Ventilation expels pollutants, replenishes your home with clean air, and ventilates with a continuous airflow. WAVE Air Purifiers use a natural ultraviolet process to eradicate biological and chemical contaminants. 13-city-realty-w-53-4.w1366.h908.2x WAVE Home Solutions is dedicated to keeping you and your family healthy and comfortable with a variety of cutting-edge, cost-efficient, eco-friendly solutions. WAVE researches and develops green products that are efficient and easy to operate. We have such confidence in our products that we offer extended warrantees and performance guarantees to make you confident that you are purchasing the best there is. We are committed to our customers' satisfaction and love to hear about our products' effectiveness. As a result, we receive great WAVE Home Solution reviews from satisfied customers. Take the example below: "I had one of your units installed in my basement yesterday. I was told that it may take several months to remediate my problems. I have to tell you that after 24 hours, I am STUNNED by the difference in my basement. I've had a dehumidifier running down there for almost twenty years without ever getting rid of the musty smell. After one day of running your unit, the smell is gone! Thank you."