Sick Home Syndrome

Sick home (or building) syndrome is a term used to describe a situation where inhabitants experience negative health effects and can be attributed to the time spent inside the home. These cases are mostly attributed to poor heating, ventilation, air conditioning, or other HVAC systems that have a drastic effect on indoor air quality. Family-Suffering-From-Poor-Indoor-Air-Quality Other common causes for sick home syndrome are outgassing of some types of materials, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), molds, or lack of fresh-air intake. Essentially, those who don’t monitor or take measures to improve the air quality of their home are at high risk of experiencing sick home syndrome. To eliminate symptoms, the inhabitants must boost the overall turn-over rate of fresh air exchange with the outside air. This process of indoor air purification will be vital for your home. Maintaining a healthy inflow of fresh air is the primary purpose of WAVE Ventilation. Our units work to cleanse the air in your home and maintain a healthy indoor air quality for your family. The result will be crisp, dry air free of contaminants and mold. Click here to learn about indoor air purification and how to avoid Sick Home Syndrome.