Reduce Asthma Symptoms With a High-Quality Air Purifier

If you or someone in your family is one of the more than 25 million asthma sufferers in the United States, you’ve probably grown familiar with doctor’s visits, inhalers and medication. However, you may not realize that one of the biggest dangers for asthma patients can’t be treated with medication: impure air. Debris and other particles in the air can be a real health hazard to asthma sufferers, so when you're trying to stay in the best of health, don't neglect keeping your indoor air clean and healthy. Here’s what you need to know about how indoor air purification can help asthma sufferers.original (18)

Asthma and Air Quality

Americans spend more than 90 percent of their time indoors, and that’s a problem. It turns out that the air quality in our homes is often poor, and can even be filled with more particulates and toxins than the air outside! No matter how clean your house appears to your eyes, poor air quality means you’ll still be spending all day breathing in dangerous substances. While particulates and toxins can cause health issues for anybody, they’re particularly dangerous if you have asthma. Indeed, poor air quality is one of the biggest triggers for asthma attacks and other complications. This is especially true if children in your home have asthma, as they’re even more susceptible to irritation from airborne pollutants than the grown-ups, as well as more prone to asthma attacks in general. What’s worse, the problem is only increasing, as the rate of new asthma diagnoses continues to climb. Indeed, it has increased by nearly two percent since 2001 alone.

How Indoor Air Purification Can Help

While you should always be sure to keep your home as free of visible dust as you can, it’s impossible to take the dust brush to the air. The only reliable way to clean the air inside is to use an indoor air purification system. WAVE’s high-quality UV light air purifier solutions remove more than 99 percent of particulates and toxins in your air. In contrast to standard UV air purifiers, which disinfect your air with ultraviolet light, WAVE’s purifiers add additional HEPA filtering to help remove particulates, reducing asthma symptoms while maximizing purification and cleanliness. Find out more about how WAVE’s innovative combination of both UV disinfection and HEPA filtering can keep your home safe for asthma sufferers and reduce symptoms like nasal congestion and respiratory complaints.
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