Is Your Water Healthy Enough for Your Children?

Water is essential for life. It helps to keep our cells bathed and our bodies hydrated. Children, especially, need water as they go about their day, and for them, water offers plain old fun, whether it’s in a pool, a lake or even a bathtub. healthy water children

Kids Are Constantly Interacting with Water

Your children use and play with water daily, whether they are brushing their teeth, taking a bath or enjoying a drink. It’s important that what they put into and on their bodies is healthy. Think of all the times you ask your children to wash their hands each day and all the times they come home soaked from splashing in puddles. Chlorine is a dangerous chemical for children and is absorbed into the body via showers and bathing -- even more so than by drinking. A whole house water filter provides purified, chlorine-free water at every faucet, shower and bath.

Healthy Kids Depend on Healthy Water

It’s essential that only clean water enters your child’s body, and water is something that is integral for your child’s growth. If water impurities leech into children's bodies, it can harm their health. Think of the film "Erin Brockovich," where the contaminated water caused children to deal with illnesses like cancer and Crohn’s disease. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets standards to ensure your child’s good health through the Safe Drinking Water Act, which regulates drinking water quality so it doesn't contain contaminants and microbes that can be harmful to a child’s growth and motor skills. The EPA reiterates that most tap water is safe for children.  

Educate Your Children About Water Quality

Children need to know that water quality is important to their overall health, and that they should only drink water from reputable sources, such as the faucets at home or school. They need to understand why grabbing a drink from lakes or streams is not wise, but this is also a teachable moment for them to learn about keeping our waterways clean. A home water filtration system is the way to go to ensure your home water supply is safe for your children to drink, bathe in, wash their hands in and play with. A water purifier is one solution for a water filter system, but we offer many other types. The most effective purifier and safest option is a whole house water filter. Email or call us at WAVE Home Solutions to learn about the many ways to keep your kids’ water safe.