Indoor Air Quality during the Winter

Homes generate various pollutants including but not limited to mold, carbon monoxide from stoves and heaters, benzene and methylene chloride from cleaning products, and formaldehyde. All of these contaminants create a dangerous environment within your own home. With their presence, the air quality of your home is at risk. uv In the winter, homes tend to have closed windows and doors to avoid cold drafts. Many families also spend more time in the warmth of their house. Although comfortable, this could lead to problems as people are more susceptible to the poor indoor air quality in their own home. Inhabitants are exposed to pollutants and viruses on a consistent, daily basis. The WAVE Portable Air Purifier has a 6 stage purification process with patented UV technology. Two maintenance-free, energy-efficient ultraviolet wavelengths kill up to 99.99% of indoor air contaminates while attacking smoke and odor at their source and improving your home’s HVAC efficiency.