How to Dry Out Your Home After a Winter Storm

Although homes are typically dry in winter, indoor humidity can rise rapidly after a winter storm. This humidity is most likely to affect basements and crawlspaces, which trap humid air and become damp. Even after the snow has melted, moisture can remain in basements and crawlspaces, providing a breeding ground for bugs, mold and mildew. Therefore, you need to take rapid action after a winter storm to dry out every part of your home.clear out your home after a winter storm

What to Use to Dry Out Your Home

Dehumidifiers provide only a temporary fix to excessive humidity in the air inside your home. They won’t do anything to fix the smell of mildew that can develop once your crawl spaces get damp. Instead of relying on a basement dehumidifier to resolve the problem, you need to properly dry out your home. First, shovel as much snow as possible away from the foundation of your home, so that air can circulate through the vents. Next, it’s time to look for a long-term solution to keep your home dry, even during winter storms.

Installing a Moisture Control System

A whole house ventilation system can help to keep humidity in your home at an optimal level all year long. After a storm, an effective ventilation system acts quickly to flush out damp, humid air and replace it with dry air; therefore keeping your home free from musty smells and mildew. Wave Home Solutions basement ventilation systems work by expelling moisture, mold spores and bad odors from the lower levels of the home and drawing in warm, dry air from the upper levels. The result is a warmer, dryer basement that is less susceptible to mold and mildew, even after a heavy winter storm. A whole house ventilation system can help to dry out your home after a winter storm. Ventilation helps to prevent that musty basement smell from developing and protect your home and family from mold. To find out more about the process of installing a ventilation system and learn how it could benefit you, contact Wave Home Solutions today.
Ultimate Guide to Basement Moisture Control