Get Ready for Allergy Season: Pollen

With the end of winter, we all look forward to the blossoming of spring. However, this season has issues of its own and those with allergies can absolutely relate. Pollen is one the most common allergens you will find during allergy season. pollen Nearly every green plant produces pollen and during the spring, it is produced in abundance. The amount of pollen varies depending on local areas, weather conditions, and spring frost. It is usually highest in early mornings on dry, breezy days. Although pollen is produced primarily on the outside, staying indoors will not completely eliminate the discomfort from pollen especially for those with strong allergies. WAVE Air Purifiers use UV technology to eliminate a variety of contaminants including pollen. These air purifiers will improve your home’s indoor air quality, letting you breathe easier with healthier, odor-free air.