7 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Your Spring

Sure, you might be chomping at the bit for the longer days and warmer temperatures of spring, but is your home ready for the change of seasons? The following seven tips will help you get both the inside and outside of your home ready for springtime weather.spring-home

1. Change Your Outdoor Bulbs

After feeling cooped-up indoors all winter, you’re likely ready to spend some balmy evenings outside on the patio. To prepare for a season of outdoor entertaining, start by cleaning your outdoor light fixtures and replacing all of your light bulbs with new, energy-efficient CFL bulbs.

2. Repair the Walkway

Harsh winter weather often leaves cracked pavement and loosened bricks in its wake. If your walkway shows signs of seasonal wear and tear, be sure to repair all potential safety hazards underfoot. This is also the perfect time to beautify your walkway for spring by removing unsightly stains from stones, concrete and asphalt.

3. Prune and Mulch

Once you’ve finished raking up leftover leaves and debris from last fall, you’re ready to add some springtime curb appeal to your landscape. Trim shrubbery, prune dead branches and spread a fresh layer of mulch around trees trunks and flower beds.

4. Plant Foliage and Shrubbery

It’s amazing how quickly and easily you can transform your home’s exterior with some well-placed plants and foliage. Hanging baskets, window boxes and plant pots can be used to disguise any unattractive areas of your home’s facade.

5. Invest in a Whole-House Ventilation System

Warmer temperatures often bring higher humidity levels, which can cause major problems for homes that lack proper ventilation. A whole-house ventilation system removes air pollutants and protects your home from structural damage caused by excessive moisture buildup.

6. Freshen Up Furniture

Winter weather takes its toll on your patio furniture. Get ready for springtime entertaining by wiping down outdoor furniture and replacing all-weather cushions and throw pillows. Sturdy furniture, such as wrought iron, might even benefit from a good powerwash, and a fresh coat of spray paint can make a huge difference as well.

7. Clear Your Gutters

Clearing leaves and debris from your gutters is one of those dreaded seasonal tasks that must not be ignored. Before “April showers bring May flowers,” make sure your gutters and downspouts are in good working order to direct rain water away from your home’s foundation. Above all, stay healthy throughout the spring by protecting the air quality of your home. Let Wave Home Solutions help you find the right moisture control system to ensure that the air in your home stays fresh and clean all season long.  
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