5 Helpful Resources for Improving Your Home's Well-Being

5 Helpful Resources for Improving Your Home's Well-BeingYour home is your haven. You want a strong foundation and the healthiest home environment possible to support quality of life and optimum health for you and your loved ones. The Internet has a wealth of resources for tips and tricks to keep your home in peak shape. Here are five helpful links to consult for information regarding energy savings, water filtration tips, indoor air quality, basement moisture control and more. Each of these blogs offers specific strategies for home improvement for healthier living, as well as recent industry news and links to other useful sources. We are the stewards of our environment, and that care for the environment is what green living is all about — increasing the quality of our environment through purposeful, informed action and increasing our own quality of life. These sites will help you optimize the health of your own home environment and make improvements by taking environmental stewardship action where it matters the most — at home.  

1. Green Building Advisor

Green Building Advisor claims to be the complete source for building, designing and remodeling green homes. It offers industry news updates, blog posts, white papers, green product reviews and even a unique login opportunity to connect directly with building professionals and get straightforward and immediate answers to your questions about green homes from professional building experts. This easy-to-navigate website has a vast library of information on everything home-health related, from tips on proper ventilation to advice about your home's foundation and even a complete DIY article collection on "How to Do Everything." Green Building Advisor offers all of the information and networking opportunities you need to put your plan to go greener at home into action.

2. Mother Nature Network

[caption id="attachment_2006" align="alignleft" width="420"]Photo by The Merry Thought via Mother Nature Network Photo by The Merry Thought via Mother Nature Network[/caption] This website offers a comprehensive amount of information about all aspects of green living, including articles, instructions, photos, videos and interactive platforms to test your knowledge. It has links to advice for sustainable living and improving quality of life in all types of homes. Mother Nature Network offers interesting information about creative architecture, remodeling tips and inspiring home design concepts to save energy. This forum has a focus on overall healthy lifestyle and learning. Mother Nature Network is a constantly evolving platform that is worth taking the time to explore.

3. DrinkTap

Everything you've ever wanted to know about your kitchen sink and your home water is covered by DrinkTap.org, a website published by the American Water Works Association. This online resource offers valuable information about your tap water. DrinkTap uses direct language to explain where your tap water comes from, describes what is in your water, and explains how to properly care for your water pipes. The website has some really neat interactive tools, like a "drip calculator" to see how much water you're wasting from a dripping faucet and has an excellent section for teaching children about water. Its blog offers current news about what`s going on in the world of water, and it posts a Calendar of Water Events where you can browse events that communities that care about water host throughout the year to celebrate water and the important role we play in securing it and keeping it safe.

4. Energy.gov

This website published by the U.S. Department of Energy includes excellent articles, tips and checklists for saving energy and money in your home. Its mission is to provide energy efficiency and renewable energy information to consumers in the United States, including families, homeowners, renters and drivers. It covers a variety of topics, including heating and cooling, weatherizing, design for efficiency, proper insulation and lighting. It even offers a section about energy-efficient landscape design that will beautify your home landscape, increase property value and improve energy efficiency. They also have an extensive collection of DIY home energy projects and a handy search tool to locate energy and efficiency tax credits, rebates and savings by state.

5. WAVE Home Blogcleaner water in your home

The WAVE Home Blog offers exceptional resources, information and products related to water, air, ventilation and the environment. It covers topics from proper home ventilation to water quality for both well water and municipal sources. You can find information on common pollutants and how to get rid of them, industry news and tips on how to keep your home and your family safe. For an informative discussion of water filtration systems, see the article, "What Are Chloramines and Should You Filter Them?" The website also offers excellent information on basement moisture control, water conservation and even spring cleaning tips that will boost your immune system and your spirits. The goal of the Wave Home Blog from Wave Home Solutions is to transform your home into a cleaner and healthier environment. Air and water quality are two of the most important factors in creating a home environment for thriving health. Being informed is the first step toward making the changes, improvements and upgrades that optimize your family's health and maximize the value of your home. Becoming more environmentally aware leads to making changes to improve our quality of life and the quality of our greater, global environment. Global stewardship really does begin at home. The water filtration tips and DIY information provided here will have you well on your way to creating those quality changes to improve your home's well-being. You and your family deserve the best air and water quality possible, and armed with knowledge, you really can revitalize the air in your living space, reduce basement moisture and transform your lifestyle.
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