11 Ways to Make your Home Healthier

When it comes to staying healthy, one of the most important things you can do is keep your home clean. People are spending more time indoors than ever before, so it is essential to make sure the air in your home is clean. My Home Ideas has 11 ways to help improve your home’s air quality. Healthy_Home_design141 1.) The first one is simple. Clean regularly. Don’t put off dusting or sweeping, as these are chores that can help reduce allergens and irritants in your home. 2.) Bathe and groom your dogs regularly to keep as much fur and dander out of the air as possible. And clean their bedding in hot water as often as possible. 3.) Make sure your home has circulating air at all times. Keep windows open to let in fresh air, or if it’s too cold keep a ceiling fan on. And don’t forget to turn on your exhaust fan when you’re cooking to keep noxious vapors from lingering in your home. 4.) When remodeling a room in your home, keep air quality in mind. Choose harder surfaces that won’t trap allergens and dust, and use paint with no VOC in it. 5.) Buy an air purifier for your home. Make sure the one you choose is the right size for the room you will put it in, and look for the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers’ seal of approval. 6.) Keep an eye on the filters in your heating/cooling systems and replace them whenever necessary. 7.) Large pieces of fabric harbor dust mites and allergens, so make sure to wash them in hot water regularly. Also be sure to wash all new fabrics, including clothing, before using them. 8.) Reduce moisture in your home. Mildew and mold thrive in humid homes, so it is important to keep the humidity level in your home low, and ensure that damp places, like basements and your bathrooms, have good ventilation. 9.) Anything that releases smoke—candles, cigarettes, wood-burning fireplaces—also releases air pollutants that can damage your health. Buy nontoxic candles, don’t allow smoking indoors, and only use cured or dried wood instead of pressure-treated wood if you use your fireplace. 10.) Air fresheners can contain harmful pollutants that release into your home when they are sprayed. As a healthier alternative, try more natural diffusers and vaporizers that use essential oils instead of chemicals. 11.) Take your shoes off in your house. Wearing your shoes inside tracks dirt, lawn chemicals, and other outdoor pollutants. These are all easy but important changes you can make in your home to help improve your health. One system that can help make a couple of the changes on this list even easier is the Wave Home system. This system provides units that can purify the air in your home and provide room ventilation. They can also help control humidity in the home, especially in problem rooms such as the bathroom and basement. Wave Home can help make your home a healthier place for you and your family.