WAVE Ventilation Reviews

We constantly hear feedback from our clients who rave about the WAVE Ventilation units installed in their home. We take great pride in delivering a great product that consumers enjoy. Read a couple of WAVE Ventilation reviews below: wave_ventilation "I have COPD and restrictive airway disease. I have a very difficult time breathing just going upstairs and back down to sit. Since I put this WAVE Ventilation unit in, in only 3 weeks, it makes an incredible difference in my breathing and the air quality. It has amazed me. My son has asthma and lives in our finished basement. He has stopped coughing already. I highly recommend this unit to anyone with lung disease or breathing problems. Pulmonary doctors, please take time to research this unit for your patients. Thank you all so much at WAVE Home Solutions." -Paul P. "I had one of your unit installed in my basement yesterday. I was told that it may take several months to remediate my problems. I have to tell you that after 24 hours, I am STUNNED by the difference in my basement. I've had a dehumidifier running down there for almost twenty years without ever getting rid of the musty smell. After one day of running your unit, the smell is gone! Thank you." -T.D.F.