Solution to saving energy with WAVE Ventilation

It takes a lot less energy to heat or cool a damp environment as opposed to a dry one. To illustrate, think about how long it would take your dryer to turn a damp towel into a warm and fluffy one vs. how long it would take for a dry towel. hvac The Department of Energy co-founded a study which monitored moisture levels and energy use in different types of crawl spaces. There was another study done in Ohio and New Mexico. In both cases, sealed crawl spaces with mechanical ventilation, similar in design to the WAVE Ventilation system, had significantly lower relative humidity levels AND saw more than a 15% improvement in the overall efficiency of the HVAC system. These same principles apply to basements. Not only will this improved efficiency be better for the environment, making your home a bit more green, it will also save you dollars on your utility bills. Learn more about WAVE Ventilation and how it can improve your home's environment.