Here are the Top Benefits of a Dry Basement

If you have a dry basement, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Research shows more than half of all basements in U.S. residences have issues with moisture, a problem that can cause a number of complications for the home’s occupants. Here are the top four benefits of a dry basement.dry basement moisture control unit

Cleaner Smell

If you’ve been inside a damp basement, you’ve probably noticed a musty smell. This smell is caused by mold growth and gets worse over time. In most cases, the smell doesn’t stay in the basement. Rather, natural airflow carries the stench upwards into your living areas and the rest of your home. A basement ventilation system will help reduce mold growth, giving your home a cleaner smell.  

Improved Air Quality

Excessive moisture increases mold growth, and it doesn’t just cause a bad odor – it can make you sick. If you’re sensitive to mold, it can trigger symptoms such as congestion, nasal stuffiness, coughing, wheezing and throat irritation. If you’re allergic to mold, or have asthma or a chronic lung condition, the reaction could be even more severe and dangerous. Maintaining a healthy level of humidity in your home with a whole house ventilation system will improve air quality and help prevent these health problems.  

Reduced Risk of Structural Damage

The most common cause of a damp basement is groundwater, either from rain or melting snow, accumulating around the foundation of your home and seeping in through your basement’s cracks and joints. Without proper ventilation, this moisture builds up and causes structural damage from rotting wood.  

Increased Heating and Cooling Efficiency

Depending on the weather, heating and cooling your home can be expensive; however, it’s even more costly when you have a moisture problem in your basement. Research shows that it takes less energy to heat and cool dry environments than damp ones.  

Stay Dry, Save Money

Investing in a WAVE basement ventilation system is a good way to save money on heating and cooling, protect your home and safeguard your family’s health. Clean-smelling air is really just a bonus. To learn more about how a ventilation system can help you, contact Wave Home Solutions for a consultation. whole house basement ventilation better than a basement dehumidifier