Get Rid of That Musty Odor Once and For All

Musty odors inside houses are common. They are caused by a buildup of moisture that has, in turn, encouraged the growth of mold and fungi. Serious health problems can result from exposure to certain strains of mold, while the oppressive odor alone can lead to depression in vulnerable people. If you notice a musty odor or suspect you have a problem with basement moisture control, you can turn to one of the following solutions.musty odor in basement

Counteract the Odor

Odors associated with mold and mildew are surprisingly penetrating. You may find yourself faced with a closet-full of clothing and fabric that has acquired a strong musty smell. Washable items can be made fresh and clean again by adding one cup of white vinegar to a load of wash and letting it soak before completing the regular cycle. Non-washable fabrics can be hung outdoors for a number of days or brought to the dry cleaner. A vinegar-water solution is also useful for swabbing down musty basement walls and shelves to remove any mold spores that have colonized those surfaces. Unfortunately, moist air can cause condensation in the insides of the walls and ceilings, allowing mold to grow where you can’t reach in and wash it off.

Sweeten the Air

Opening all the windows in your basement or other musty-smelling rooms is one of the most time-honored solutions to improving the indoor atmosphere. Of course, this can compromise the security of your house in areas where crime is a consideration. Another approach is to put out a pan with a shallow layer of baking soda to absorb room odors, or buy a variety of room deodorizers to drown out off odors.

Install a Ventilation System

The above measures are only temporary solutions to a chronic problem, of course. To eliminate musty odors once and for all, you need to dry out the air and transform your unhealthy indoor environment. The permanent solution to the problem of mold growing in your home is to install a WAVE moisture control unit. The WAVE crawl space ventilation system and basement ventilation system circulate the air, remove excess humidity and moisture from the air and expel musty odors and particulates.  This type of system can make a huge difference for family members who have suffered from asthma and ongoing upper respiratory illnesses. Contact a WAVE representative today to learn about our options for eliminating moldy smells from your home for good!
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