Expel, Replenish, and Ventilate

The WAVE Ventilation unit allows you to maintain moisture and air quality control in any area of the home. It can turn the most damp, polluted space into a healthy, dry environment for your family. The unit accomplishes this with three premises: Expel, Replenish, and Ventilate. 6a017c329e8407970b01a511f690ab970c-800wi WAVE Ventilation expels the most stagnant, polluted air from the lowest point in your home where problems are present such as high levels of combustion gases and radon. Pollutants typically found in basement and crawl spaces and absorbed by moisture will also be expelled. The unit, then replenishes moist, indoor air with warmer, drier air to raise the temperature and lower humidity. Finally, the unit ventilates the entire area, extracting absorbed moisture and condensation. WAVE Ventilations creates air circulation for the entire home to keep its structure dry and its environment filled with clean, healthy air. This continuous process, in turn, keeps your family safe from harm.