Crawl Space Dehumidifiers: Are they the Solution?

Crawl spaces are oftentimes ignored parts of the home. Some use it for storage. Others take the rare trip to check on pipes and substructures. For the most part, however, these are neglated spaces in the household. In many cases, they are left with accumulated moisture and mold. crawlspace The build-up of moisture and mold in crawl spaces can cause structural damage to the home. Things like wood rot and buckling floors are problems that surface when these spaces are left to be infested. Odors will also tend to creep upstairs to living spaces. A general mustiness can enter otherwise clean rooms like bedrooms or living rooms. Crawl space dehumidifiers are a common solution to this problem. Inspection Management, an engineering, environmental and inspection firm, conducted tests with WAVE Ventilation for moisture-related problems in an upscale home in Huntington Valley, PA. After only 24 hours, relative humidity levels in all three of the home’s crawl spaces decreased an average of 40%. Radon levels decreased an impressive 90% percent during the company’s test as well. We are confident you can see similar results with WAVE Home Ventilation unit in your home!