Basement Dehumidifiers: Are they effective?

Many homeowners acquire basement dehumidifiers with better air in mind for small, damp places in their home. They see it as a solution for to the moisture buildup they see, feel, and smell in their basement. 3steps These units, however, specialize in circulating the same air around the space. They don't provide real ventilation to replenish the stale, possibly contaminated air you can have in your basement. As a result problems can arise like biological growth (in the form of mold), structural damage, air pollutants, and increased health risks from exposure. Basement dehumidifiers can be time consuming as well. Homeowners will spend time emptying out the buckets of water from these systems. Along with the lack of ventilation, it's clear to see that dehumifiers fall short in some areas. Avoid these basement dehumifiers and their hastles with WAVE Ventilation. The Department of Energy tested mechanical ventilation and found that by using mechanical ventilation, the energy costs of the HVAC system were reduced by 17% because it costs less to heat and cool a dry home. This is the same ventilation that basement dehumidifiers lack. Enjoy a healthier, more efficient home by creating a necessary air exchange in the entire home. whole house basement ventilation better than a basement dehumidifier