4 Reasons Basement & Crawl Space Ventilation is an Absolute Necessity

Your basement and crawl space might seem like minor parts of your home, but it is vitally important to ensure that these areas have good ventilation. Basement and crawl space ventilation can improve your physical and financial health and protect your home. Here are four key reasons to install a basement and crawl space ventilation system.Crawl space & basement ventilation  

1. Protect Your Health

A proper ventilation system can remove lung irritants from the air in your home. As a result, allergy and asthma sufferers often experience fewer symptoms. Keep the air in your home clean and free from irritants by ventilating every part of your home, including the basement and crawl space.  

2. Keep Your Home in Good Condition

Excess moisture in the air can contribute to serious damage in your home. Crawl spaces often develop damp surfaces, which are a prime target for mold. This mold can damage your property and could even damage your health if you were to breathe it in. Basement and crawl space ventilation reduces dampness and therefore limits the growth of mold.  

3. Prevent Carbon Monoxide Build Up

All fuel-burning appliances, such as gas furnaces and stoves, release some carbon monoxide. Without sufficient home ventilation, carbon monoxide can become an even bigger threat to your health than the debris particles in the air. In large enough quantities, carbon monoxide can cause fatal poisoning, but even small amounts can cause headaches, fatigue and other chronic symptoms. A proper ventilation system directs carbon monoxide outdoors, where it disperses into the air and does not pose a threat to your health.  

4. Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Installing a ventilation system in your basement and crawl spaces could save you money in the long run. The amount of energy needed to heat or cool a dry environment is much less than for a damp one. By ventilating and drying out your crawl spaces, you could increase the efficiency of your HVAC system by as much as 15 percent, which could lead to significant savings on your energy bills.   Basement and crawl space ventilation can be a great investment in your property. A good ventilation system can help you save money and protect your health. Get in touch with WAVE Home Solutions to request a consultation for basement and crawl space ventilation in your home.   Crawl space ventilation is better than a dehumidifier